Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The Art of Data Visualization

 Visualization began with maps and cartography, and then went on to develop in the field of science.  Cells, all the way to planets, can be artistically depicted in order to convey data.  Because science is deeply rooted in research, scientists need simple yet informative ways to display their data.
You, the viewer, and the data itself influence the visualization that is being displayed.  You want the way you depict your information must be representative of yourself.  Then, the viewer has their own opinions and will judge the design of the visualization.  Additionally, the data must be true, one cannot put false information to their visualization.  Art cannot make up for false truths.
We as humans make snap judgments about our surroundings every second.  Having a well designed visual format can greatly influence the way your data is interpreted.  If it is depicted well, the viewer will easily be able to tell what the information is and why it is important.  It can simplify very complicated data, and help spread the truth of matters to society.

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