Tuesday, March 28, 2017


As time progressed through the mid to late 1900's we can see a huge variety of change and development.  Cultures are combining left and right, hoping that everyone may soon be equal.  Political unrest in the united states leads to movements and marches unifying races and religions.  Technological advances lead to higher rates of consumer culture; everything is made in bulk.  Television and magazines are filled with advertisements yelling, "Try me! Try me!".  Everyone is preoccupied.  Cities are booming, fast paced utopias where everyone can live out their American Dream.  Artists had the desire to capture the new lifestyles and society arising.  They utilized mass production and the media to gain their fame and spread their opinion on our world.  We see Andy Warhol's famous Pop Art pieces that repeat the same image over and over again.  Everything we see in the postmodern era is hyper-real.  Reality almost no longer exists and these repetitious, massed produced goods and images have taken its place.

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