Friday, March 24, 2017

Fractured Histories

Fractured Histories is an exhibit we have here at Loyola displaying ancient Greek pottery.  It features pots, cups, vases, etc, that were found in Attica, Corinth, and Mycenae.  The pottery in the collection was smuggled into the United States by grave robbers working with Robert Hecht, who then kept them in a collection of his own.

My two favorite pieces featured in the collection were the two small Mycenaean jars, both from the mid-14th century.  The first was used for dispensing oil and its abstract design was actually very uncommon for its time period.  The second was a much more common jar for water and things that ranged in various sizes depending on its purpose.

The simple, more common jar was actually my favorite altogether.  I enjoyed the simplicity of its design and the colors used to decorate it.  It was functional yet very aesthetically pleasing, and to me, just really cute.  The stripes accentuate the curve of the jar and having the handles and spout a darker color is a nice artistic touch.  I enjoy that even though these pieces of pottery were every day objects, they were decorated like they were much more.

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