Monday, February 27, 2017

Similarly to every other standard color in the rainbow, white has many different shades.  When comparing different objects that are white, one see's different tones through out each of them.
I first compared the index card to the paper in my sketchbook.  When placed on top of the sketching paper, the index card looked brighter and slightly greenish-blue.  On the other hand, the sketching paper appeared more pink and slightly grey.
I compared these two white additionally to the white of my comforter.  The space that were white seemed to be almost a light grey rather than white when placed in comparison.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Digital Advertisement Adjustment

I chose edit this Revlon ad because, as much as I enjoy make up, there are many critiques that can be made about the make up industry.

I edited Emma Stones face, giving her blemishes and dark circles under her eye, to show imperfect skin.  I also change the text at the bottom of the advertisement which was a description of the product.  It now discusses the product's light coverage and how one should embrace their nature beauty.  The changes were subtle but impactful.

Magazine Advertisement

For my Advertisement Breakdown project, I chose to used this ad for Del Monte canned green beans.  I found the ad in a Real Simple Magazine which inspired me to use images of food in my collage.  This ad had a very simple design, with the can as the focal point.  The viewer's eye follows the green beans up to the beanstalk and across the page or down to the text at the bottom of the page.  

This advertisement focuses on the ides of freshness, implying that the green beans go straight from the beanstalk to the can.  You are getting the best quality food that you can.  This is also emphasized with  the words "Bursting with Life" in bright red, a contrasting color to green but also the color of their logo.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Ways of Seeing ( Episode 1)

European paintings once catered to the human individual, adding perspective for its audience.  The eye was the only mechanism of sight, with all views of the world collecting in the through the eye, in an individual's brain.  Perspective allowed paintings to mimic the world and entertain the human eye.

Then the camera, a machine was invented. The photograph is "free from the boundaries of time and space" (Dziga Vertov).  I found this quote very intriguing and powerful.  European paintings, their styles and the many technique used to make them, were very dated.  The camera was new and could move all around the world with humanity.  Pictures captured seconds of real life and held them forever.

Paintings eventually become images like these because they are photographed.  In our very technologically-based modern world, we spread these images, and others, everywhere.  We have no need for painting any more.  I thought this was very impactful because art has so much more value for me than an image on a screen.  Photographs, and photography in general, is great.  But paintings, the stuff that takes time, lots of time, to make, has more meaning in it when viewed in person, not on a screen.

2D Design Reflection

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